We maintain great enthusiasm and unremitting pursuit of new technologies, and through nearly 10 years of technological accumulation and continuous solving of extreme challenges, we have become one of the leading manufacturers of special materials in the industry. We provide customers with comprehensive metal material solutions through the platform of Panxing Research Institute and more than 50 R&D cooperation units.

We founded the Metallab brand (www.metallab.cn) to share the R&D resources of the Panxing Research Institute to help the development of the industry.

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Our "quality policy" is dedicated, professional and expert. Focus: As a R&D entrepreneurial enterprise, focus is the basic requirement of quality control and the cornerstone of Panxing in the new material market. "Focus" requires us to carry out quality management in accordance with global standards, strictly control every detail of R&D and production, and meet every customer's requirements for material performance and quality. Professional: Panxing provides customers with high-performance materials and material solutions. Professionalism is the guarantee for Panxing to stand in the new material market. Through the pursuit of material performance and overall quality, it provides customers with excellent quality products and establishes a professional image. Experts: Experts are the pursuit of Panxing in the field of new materials, occupying the high point of the industry professionally, solving material problems or creating more effective solutions for customers, and achieving long-term development with the help of fine management activities and continuous improvement activities.


The quality system is the basic guarantee for Panxing to provide standardized services to customers. Panxing chooses internationally renowned certification bodies such as TüV and has passed EN 9100 (aviation quality management system), ISO9001 (quality management system), ISO14001 (environmental management system) , ISO45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System), ISO27001 (Information Security Management System).

According to various quality system requirements, Panxing and each business department strictly implement the meticulous and standardized quality management process, form closed-loop management, and continue to improve.