We maintain great enthusiasm and unremitting pursuit of new technologies, and through nearly 10 years of technological accumulation and continuous solving of extreme challenges, we have become one of the leading manufacturers of special materials in the industry. We provide customers with comprehensive metal material solutions through the platform of Panxing Research Institute and more than 50 R&D cooperation units.

We founded the Metallab brand (www.metallab.cn) to share the R&D resources of the Panxing Research Institute to help the development of the industry.

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Alloy Material

Amorphous alloy is a series of Pelloy alloy products independently developed by Panxing. After nearly 10 years of research, we have developed 5 types of amorphous material systems and more than 20 alloy grades, and successfully applied amorphous alloys to

Product List

High surface quality treatment, high-grade metal texture, high-gloss mirror surface, high-hard surface scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, excellent flatness, high dimensional accuracy.

Amorphous alloy coating: high strength, high hardness, excellent.


Mold forming can realize complex structures and curved surfaces, clear and sharp ridges, ultra-thin structure, light weight, high strength and high hardness, high elastic limit reliability and dimensional stability, high precision, strong bending and fati.


Excellent corrosion resistance, soft magnetic properties, catalytic properties, superconductivity, high hydrogen storage properties, thinner wall thickness to achieve more sufficient internal space, exceeding the mechanical properties of steel materials.

Lanthanum based amorphous alloy

La: 51~57 wt.%

Specification3: 21~27 wt.%

Specification1: 6~12 wt.%

Ni: 1~7 wt.%

M: 1~7 wt.%

Lanthanum-based amorphous alloys have good glass-forming ability and are the preferred materials for research and preparation of amorphous alloys. Among them, the lanthanum-based amorphous alloy has a superplasticity of 1500% in the supercooled region, an

Titanium based amorphous alloy

Ti: 36~42 wt.%

Specification2: 21~27 wt.%

Be: 16~22 wt.%

Specification1: 8~14 wt.%

M: 3 wt.%

Titanium-based amorphous alloys have light weight, radiation resistance and high strength, and have good application prospects. In addition, titanium-based amorphous alloys have lower Young's modulus and better corrosion resistance, and are also widely us

Zirconium based amorphous alloy

Specification2: 59~65 wt.%

Ti: 7~13 wt.%

Specification1: 9~15 wt.%

Ni: 6~12 wt.%

M: 1~3 wt.%

Zirconium-based amorphous alloys have been used as surface materials for golf clubs because of their high elasticity and high hardness; they also have excellent mechanical properties such as low thermal expansion coefficient, excellent corrosion resistanc

Iron-based amorphous alloy

Fe: 44~50 wt.%

Cr: 11~17 wt.%

Mo: 10~16 wt.%

C: 11~17 wt.%

M: 1~3 wt.%

B: 2~8 wt.%

Iron-based amorphous alloys have excellent soft magnetic properties and are widely used in distribution transformers, high-power switching power supplies, pulse transformers, magnetic amplifiers, intermediate frequency transformers and inverter cores.

Copper-based amorphous alloy

Specification1: 42~48 wt.%

Specification2: 40~46 wt.%

Specification3: 3~9 wt.%

M: 1~3 wt.%

Copper-based amorphous alloys have excellent electrical conductivity at low temperatures, and can be used to prepare new lead frame materials with high strength and high conductivity. The fracture strength of copper-based amorphous alloys exceeds 2000Mpa,

Production process
Application area
Folding screen phone hinge

Amorphous materials realize the forming of high-precision complex structure hinges through precise molds and new hot-pressing processes. Compared with other traditional materials such as titanium alloy, stainless steel, magnesium aluminum alloy, etc., the amorphous hinge has the advantages of high strength, high hardness, high elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., and fully meets the performance and life requirements of mobile phone hinges, allowing users to Enjoy the beauty of technology between the opening and closing of the phone.

Wear electronic hardware

Amorphous materials have the characteristics of low density, high strength, non-toxicity, weak magnetism, scratch resistance, and strong decorative appearance. In the application of wearable products, they have the appearance characteristics of aluminum-magnesium alloys, stainless steel and other metal materials, and are easier to achieve. Mirror effect, and maintain a superior metallic texture. Good processing performance, can realize surface treatment processes such as sandblasting, electrophoresis, electroplating, baking paint, PVD, etc., providing more appearance choices for colorful wearable products.

Sports Equipment

Excellent specific stiffness, specific strength and high hardness are the best materials for advanced sports competitions such as horizontal bars, parallel bars and struts. The excellent inherent low-frequency vibration damping and energy transfer characteristics have made the bulk amorphous alloys successfully applied to the hitting face of golf club heads.

Other functional components

Biomedical materials: The excellent corrosion resistance and biosafety of amorphous alloys in simulated body fluids make them stand out in the preparation of medical device materials, and gradually become the preferred materials for fracture splints and nails, and are used in various medical devices. There are more and more applications in the fields of instruments and artificial bones.     

Aerospace field: Amorphous alloys have been used in the manufacture of solar wind collectors due to their lack of channel effects, and have been selected as drill bit protective shell materials for rock drilling in the Mars exploration program.